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by members of british parliament. his son, james, and rebecca brooks have also been invited to appear before the hearing. we can go live to westminster. it feels like we're on the deadline hour for learning whether rupert murdoch is going to say yea or nay to appearing. i don't suppose many are expecting him to say oh, go on then. >> i don't think so. for one thing, the parliamentary committees do not have the same powers as congressional committees and certainly they cannot force foreign citizens like rupert and james murdoch to appear before them. there is even a question mark over whether they can really force rebecca brooks, who of course is a british citizen to appear. if anyone buzz does of the three, it is thought that perhaps she will be the most likely. the lawyers at news corp. may be advising against this because of course there is a police investigation going on at the moment and public pressure may not be the best thing for them to be under a at the moment. >> do we know clearly whether or not parliament has the power in any way to compel the likes of rupert or indeed james murd
to a british parliamentary committee on the phone hacking scandal. rebecca brooks has said she will go there. what is the risk to rupert murdoch's global empire, especially in the u.s.? the government asks if it is fit and proper to own bskyb. > >> hello and welcome to gmt. i am zeinab badawi. a memorial service for the afghan president's slain brother is marred by another attack on the same day the when it reveals civilian casualties and afghanistan have increased. as the funeral starts for big thumbs of the mumbai bomb attack, indian authorities blame terrorists for the blast that killed 20 and left dozens injured. hello and welcome to gmt. it is midday in london, 7:00 a.m. in washington, and the former editor of the "news of the world" newspaper has agreed to be questioned by british mp's over the phone hacking scandal. the committee is taking further steps. rupert murdoch's news corp. has a knowledge it cannot be business as usual and it has dropped its full takeover bid, at least for now of bskyb. news international is refusing to comment on who may or may not appear before the mp's. ni
. >> my message to rebekah brooks is do the decent thing. it cannot hide away from this level of public english. >> they were reluctant witnesses. they told the committee he could not attend the future session. james murdock said he could not come. rebekah brooks said chiappone -- welcome the opportunity to do so but would not discuss anything that relates to the ongoing police investigation. the talk was of a formal summons. the threat had worked. they change their minds but they would now be coming to answer m.p.'s questions. in the second letter, james murdock said we're running to confirm our attendance by -- and concerned where are asked to yet answer further questions in a form on top of the judge let inquiry and the police investigation. whatever the form, the questions keep coming. why did the news of the world mislead and why were some victims paid to keep quiet? as for ms. brooks, she will be asked about what she told mps last time. the m.p. whose committee will be asking the question was optimistic. >> i hope the committee will want to learn the truth. this is not about a lyn
question before a televised select committee with the deputy rebecca brooks after mounting public pressure. >> my message for rebecca brooks is do the decent thing. you can't hide from this level of public anguish and anger and the interest. >> reporter: in the first interview since the story broke, rupert murdock told the "wall street journal" he wanted to address, "some of the things said in parliament, some of which are total lies. we think it's important to absolutely establish our integrity in the eyes of the public." it won't be the first time brooks has gone before the committee. back in 2003 she admitted paying cops for information. >> we have paid the police for information in the past. >> reporter: also in this picture, former news of the world editor and later prime minister cameron press secretary andy colson who was arrested last week. and former executive editor neil wallace arrested today. brooks was editor of "news of the world "when it allegedly hacked in cell phone of a school girl who had been abducted and later murdered in 2002. last sunday "news of the world" was close
with a man who is living and breathing this, has been for years, our project manager brooke. [applause] he is working closely with edgar lopez, who manages all of our major projects, but was here pretty much from day one. they are being supported by our city engineers and the rest of the department coming together to deliver a great project to the ratepayers of san francisco. we're so happy to be a part of this. congratulations to the puc on getting to this point, the topping off ceremony. [applause] >> as the owners, we are certainly willing to move in, but we are not building the building. representing the builders is andy of webcor. [applause] >> it is great to be here. most people do not realize this building almost did not happen. i was at a green building conference and i ran into mayor gavin newsom. he said, we are not going to build that building. we cannot afford to. i said, mayor, you cannot afford not to. this building will be an example of what all cities should build. with the energy savings that were mentioned, this building will be like no others. when the city starts to ope
the deputy politcal editor. >> parlaiment wants to hold rebecca brooks and james and rupert murdoch to account, to answer questions about why so many people's phones were hacked in the name of news. it was a summons they could not ignore. >> it just is insane. you can't hide away. you can't hide away from this level of anguish and anger. >> the murdochs were reluctant. rupert murdoch said he could not attend, but said he would give evidence. his son, james, said he couldn't make it, but would be pelased to leased to give evidence on the 10th of august. rebecca brooks welcomed the chance to do this. but she said she couldn't discuss the police investigation. >> the talk was of a formal summons. a fine and imprisonment from parliament. the murdochs said they would answer these questions. >> these are the questions they'll face. why did they mislead parlaiment. to stopmanagmenet fail it? >> we have given police information in the past. >> we hope the committee will want to hear the turtruth and te facts. this is about hearing from them. who knew about that? >> the lawyer of a family of
: brooke and steven. >> commissioners, my name is brooke, a member of the advisory board. i am going to speak of the public property adjoining a digital historic district. the existence of a potential california register eligible pacific heights historic district, between britain jackson street -- greenwich and jackson streets. in 2007, the senior planner wrote the inquiry on 2626 filbert street, which i came before you on. it is three blocks from edward ii. this is him. it is true that the building is not within a designated historic district, but the area falls within an area which we found to be a potential historic district, which would qualify as a historic resourced for the ceqa guidelines. we have not established boundaries of what the potential district, but it is a flag for us to the parties in this area extra scrutiny. in 2008, regarding the 2626 filbert case, the potentially california registered eligible district is roughly located between greenwich and a jackson street and lyon and steiner streets. this abuts the property in question. in the july 7, 2011 exhibit a pmnd,
. president olague: brooke, kat anderson, adam, jacob moddy,ody. >> commissioners, brooks sampson, three blocks away from the edward ii site. i support the career nc-3 zoning. any change to this zoning needs careful scrutiny. i have come before you many daytime. for you not to take this seriously would be alarming. i know every housing unit is vital to the city, and the character of the neighborhood is vital to the city as well. i have some concerns. on the density, 64% increase in the number of dwelling units. that is high. rear yard? there is no regard for open space. are you aware of this? there is absolutely no usable outdoor area. the only adjacent outdoor space will be on the sidewalk. there will be no place for lounging, gathering, a keating, etc. -- eating, etcetera the other affordable housing units have been open rear yards. these include sonoma youth and family, oakdale avenue, 18th and alabama streets. finally, the repercussions of no rear yard is grand. for example, smoking will be allowed in each of the 25 units because, guess what, there is nowhere else to go. that would c
international rebecca brooks will be there. a summons came from parliament and it was communicated through prime minister cameron's office today. did rupert and james bow to that pressure? it is interesting because -- >> first they said they were not going to go. is that right? ? then all of a sudden after the formal request came, that's when they turned around and 1ed they would. at first they said they weren't going next tuesday. >> they would. it is interesting to look at time line of what's been happening on the u.s. regulatory side along side what is going on here in britain. we have senators coming out and saying that department of justice and sec should be launching an inquiry. we have representative peter king should launch an inquiry, which we know now is happening. a lot of that came out last night. some is coming to fruition. because rupert and james murdoch were were here, if they were summoned, they could not resist that. this is the country where he runs those media assets in question. but yet he would be required to show his face in the u.s. so, the common disdense of those two ac
today that lori brook, the president of the c.h.a., was quoted in the "examiner" as saying that c. chmplet a. was not against the project, they were just against the city making a precedent of changing zoning rules. i was heartened to see that, and that gives us a way to move forward and accept the project in the area. although it's a little different in the c.h.a.-cal hollow association's letter written by their attorney, which follows a different tact and brings up numerous issues outside of that, among them being issues of crime. he brings up anecdotal evidence of crime at 864 ellis. i actually went on crime stat website and over the last six months at that location, there were 283 crimes reported. if you move two blocks over to 564, or three blocks over to 554 ellis, you actually have 564 crimes. there's actually less crime. if you go to 3155 scott, you have 66 crimes in that same time period. obviously a great place for these youth to be. the letter addresses economic costs of the project. in fact, the increased density is what we need to keep the costs down of this project.
for that. martha: and in court, we are getting reports that news international reef rebekah brooks will testify before a british parliamentary committee investigating the news of the world phone hacking scandal, british lawmakers also calling on others to testify. news of the rorld was owned by news corporation, parent of fox news. fox news foreign affair correspondent amy kellogg joins us with the latest on this story from london. good morning, amy. >> reporter: hi martha. there are actually two things going on. there is a very sweeping public inquiry here looking into the phone hacking and the allegations of payments to police for information at the news of the world, and then, there is this parliamentary committee that has asked to question rupert murdoch, his son james and their chief deputy in london, rebekah brooks. so far only brooks has agreed to make the date, which is next tuesday. earlier this morning the deputy prime minister nick clegg said all three should appear before this committee. >> i think there are big question marks about how news corporation is being run. wh
. >>> we could see key figures testifying in the uk scanical. rebekah brooks has agreed to testify in front of parliamentary committee next week. this morning summonses issues for rupert murdoch and son james. they've so far refused to appear before the committee. all of this comes as murdoch's news corp. takes another hit. it has pulled out of a $12 billion bid to buy full control of broadcaster bskyb. nbc's stephanie gosk is live in london with the latest. now it stands nine people having been arrested. what do we know about the latest person taken into custody? >> thomas, the sixth is neil wallace, deputy editor from 2003 to 2007 at "news of the world" when andy coolsulson was editord he served as prime minister cameron's spokesperson so there's been a lot of interest around him and it does seem like the investigation right now is focusing around that time in the "news of the world" and the activities that went on then. it raises interesting questions about rebekah brooks also the editor of the paper, whether or not she could be brought in with allegation, criminal allegations against he
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british ceo rebekah brooks and his son, james, face questions now from investigators about what they knew and when. elizabeth palmer, cbs news, london. >>> just ahead on the "morning news" how beer could solve the government shutdown in minnesota. >>> plus the few, the crowd, the doubledating. could mila kunis and justin timberlake both go to the marines ball? on us. frontline plus kills but doesn't repel. any tick that isn't repelled or killed may attach and make a meal of us. [ male announcer ] ask your veterinarian about k9 advantix ii. a network of possibilities. in here, the planned combination of at&t and t-mobile would deliver our next generation mobile broadband experience to 55 million more americans, many in small towns and rural communities, giving them a new choice. we'll deliver better service, with thousands of new cell sites... for greater access to all the things you want, whenever you want them. it's the at&t network... and what's possible in here is almost impossible to say. it's the at&t network... >>> a possible major breakthrough in preventing the spread of hiv and ai
, they decided they would be appearing alongside the ceo of news international rebekah wade brooks. we look forward to that. the story has developed, of course, with the media momentum for it has grown. we understand that british lawmakers can decide whether to ask them to testify under oath. if indeed they do do that and were to lie, then they would be subject to perjury laws. it's not clear exactly what will happened on tuesday. >> much more on this story coming up later. we'll speak with a former assistant fbi director who will walk us through the process. >>> an 8-year-old boy killed walking home from summer camp. just ahead dramatic new details about the suspect. >>> and the latest on a deadly suicide blast at a memorial service for the afghan president's half-brother. stay with us, you're in "the situation room." thought they were dead. [ laughter ] [ grunting ] huh? [ male announcer ] should've used roundup. america's number one weed killer. it kills weeds to the root, so they don't come back. guaranteed. weeds won't play dead, they'll stay dead. roundup. no root. no weed. no problem
, and electric car technology. the report from brookings show the green sector has 2.7 million jobs. the jobs report grew more than 8% since 2003 compared to about 4% in other occupations. >>> there's a dirty job in vegas that's now available. for those of you with an adventurous side. you have to pay to play. not what you think. it's a company that's made a giant sandbox for adults. >> push it forward to go forward. >> reporter: in 100 degree weather across the highway from the vegas strip, people are paying hundreds of dollars for a chance to do something dirty in sin city that won't get them in trouble. >> stay within your cone zone. no bumper cars. >> reporter: they come to dig this, a five acre sandbox created for adults who rented equipment for a home project a few years ago and a business idea was born. >> i realized if i'm having this much fun, imagine the people who want an opportunity. >> what does your family back in new zealand think about this? >> they think i'm nuts. >> reporter: customers are supervised, teaching even the most hand-eye challenge reporter how to dig a hole. the
brooks is also being called to testify. >>> the obama administration is speaking out against congressional efforts to restrict certain funding in dc. yesterday the white house released a statement opposing a bill that pulls funding for the city's needle exchange program and abortion for poor women. the administration says that if passed, the legislation would undermine the city's home rule. it also noted that such funding is allowed in other cities. >>> the son of dc council member marion barry says that he will speak publicly after his next court appearance. christopher barry is charged with drug possession. the charges stem from a domestic dispute complaint back in may. court documents show that the 31-year-old was allegedly found near a table with five bags of marijuana and a vile of pcp. police say that barry jumped out a window and tried to run away before he was arrested. christopher barry is due back in court on july 27th. >>> it seems there was nothing unusual about the dc police escort for actor charlie sheen. that according to a report from the district's inspector
is the deadline, we're told, fora bekaa brooks, the embattle embattled chief international to respond before a committee of politicians on wednesday. we're told 9:20 is the latest she could respond. after that who knows what will happen after that. theoretically she could be forced to attend by the sergeant at arms' office which is sort of an old ancient office here. they've never, in recent memory, had to frog march someone into committee but that's a possible prospect if she decides she won't turn up or answer the invitation. they cant force rupert and james murdoch to turn up because they're not british but rebecca brooks they can. >> dan rivers joining us live from london. many thanks. >>> in the u.s., members of congress are calling for a home grown investigation into hacking and bribery allegations against newscorp. u.s. senator jay rock feller is among those who's asking the justice department to look into reports that newscorp executives allegedly bribed police officers. if americans were involved, rockefeller who you see there, says the company may have violated federal anti-bribery
eder rebecca brooks to fully cooperate with parliament's investigation of the operation run by murdoch. may anyway, the fbi in this country opened up an investigation into whether the news corporation run by murdoch hacked into anybody here involved with september 11th. the victims especially their phones and want to know if the same kind of things happened here that happened over there. scotland yard made its ninth arrest in a widening scandal over in britain. how far will this go? joining us, u.s. senator barbara boxer from california. do you think the fbi should investigate the newscorp and rupert murdoch? >> absolutely and senator jay rockefeller, chairman of the committee of which i am a senior member, he joined me and we asked for an investigation by the department of gist is and the security and exchange commission. listen, chris, there are two laws that really may be implicated here, that may have been broken here. one is the foreign corrupt practices act that passed in the '70s. one is the so-called wiretap act. and american corporations can't break american laws, and rupert m
? edited, by the way, at that time by rebecca brooks. they sent 20 scantily clad women to her office and had loads of photographs everywhere. they described the minister at the time as frumpy, dumpy, fat and ugly. there was humiliation as a form of coercion and then we heard yesterday, gordon brown, the former prime minister, talking about the fact that his disabled son, his son has cystic fibrosis, medical records for his son alleged by gordon brown in the house of commons yesterday, was stolen from a hospital by a criminal that he believes was working for "the sunday times" newspaper. so you have that kind of power. you have the ability to humiliate an mp and the ability to intervene in their personal life and that's why he was so forceful and powerful. i can tell you, andrea, until about three weeks ago, you couldn't count on five fingers the number of politicians who would stand up to rupert murdoch in britain because every single one of them was frightened of his influence. >> of course, gordon brown's little boy frazier is doing very well but it was at birth that that informati
to death yesterday inside his bowie home. today police arrested john haston and craig brooks in connection with that death. investigators believe the two men were posing as pepco workers when they went to williams' home. police say this was not a random crime. >> we do know that mr. williams is a local business owner here in the county. and we believe that he was targeted, because he was a business owner. maybe the suspects believed that he had funds inside the home. so therefore, we know that robbery was the motive. >> both haston and brooks are facing murder and robbery charges. >>> water service has been restored in prince george's county after a massive water main break in capital heights. it was a 20-inch water main that broke just before 10:00 yesterday morning. it happened in the 500 block of hampton park boulevard in capital heights. water service was restored to 31 businesses about 2:00 this afternoon. that road, however, will remain closed until it can be repaved sometime tomorrow. >>> coming up on the broadcast tonight, a man carjacked a woman and her child. that mother did the
more next tuesday when mr. murdoch uhis son james and rebecca brooke, ceo of news international, the uk unit face questioning in parliament. >> susie: this raises questions about succession. rupert murdoch has always talked about having one or all of his kids running the company. james, has been the heir apparent. what is the future of the murdoch dynasty? >> it's probably in jeopardy right now. the outcry against the murdochs in the uk has not really begun to penetrate the situation in the market here. but independent directors of news corp may be looking at that whole question of succession, and the murdoch dynasty. certainly the market has been downgrading over the years news corp because of the nepatistick approach bringing his three kids into the company. that has depressed the share price and market value of news corp. it's very likely that there may be somebody other than a murdoch running the company in the future. >> susie: let's talk a little. we were talking to a big institutional shareholder who is very concern body the outlook for this stock. would you buy news corp at $16.
, and news international chief executive rebecca brooks to appear in person to answer questions about the phone hacking scandal. in the united states, two democratic senators asked the attorney general and the securities and exchange commission to investigate whether news corporation violated any u.s. laws. in london, amy kellogg, fox news. >> r >> bret: we will continue to follow the story. i mispronounced the hero awarded the medal of honor for saving his buddies and losing his hand. the hero's name is sergeant first class leroy arthur petry. >>> today's development or lack thereof in debt talks will discuss them with the fox all-stars when we return. >>> the idea of not doing something serious about the debt before august sicken mess. the time has come for a balanced budget a.m. it forces washington to balance its books. we can't leave it to politicians in washington to make decisions we need to get the fiscal house in order. >> the president believes that we do not need to amend the constitution to cut the deficit. we need to get beyond politics as usual and find bipartisan common
british c.e.o. rebecca brooks and his son james face questions from investigators about what they knew and when. in the u.s. where rupert murdoch has his corporate headquarters, three u.s. senators are now asking the american attorney general to look into whether or not the company might have been breaking the law, especially with these allegations of police payoffs. >> mitchell: a lot of people are asking how could the u.s. congress call for something like that over a law that may have been broken overseas. >> reporter: there's a piece of federal legislation, the foreign corrupt practice act that outlaws bribery by american corporations no matter where the world they are operating. >> mitchell: i see. liz palmer, thank you very much. coming up, a big setback today for libyan rebels. our mark philips is on the front lines. women's pro soccer, the biggest goal: survival. and how the space shuttle helped us see the universe as we have never seen it before. when the "cbs evening news" continues. at a time. that's how it is with alzheimer's disease. she needs help from me. and her medicati
at four metrorail stations for an entire weekend august 6 and 7. twin brook, white flint, grovener, medical center. that's just the beginning. >> it's going to shut down this whole line of the red line. >> reporter: sounds like metro -- [ inaudible ] >> we need to bring our metro system up to snuff and run it in such a way that the passengers are not hurt all the time. >> reporter: closures will affect every line at various times. metro says it allow it is to get work done faster and safer. >> it's everything from track work and rail fasteners and cleaning of the stations and platform repairs, lighting, landscaping, signal work, track circuit replacement. >> reporter: unlike with single tracking which causes delays from one end of the line to the other, only the closed stations will be affected. riders will have the option of taking local bus service, metro bus, or free shuttles that will operate between the closed stations. but even on weekends, you'll have to deal with traffic. >> i think with shuttles they'll be unreliable and difficult because so many people go from rockville i
james and former news editor rebecca brooks to testify before parliament next week. >> and i think they should attend, and less rupert murdoch and james murdock both decided not to attend then they would have said goodbye to britain and will not be able to run anything in this country anymore. >> the family of milly who was murdered in 2002 had her phone hacked by the news of the world. but not enough is enough, this is too much power for one organization and people have to stop and listen. >> british police said that they have identified nearly 4000 potential targets of the phone hacking. >> a look at our extended forecast, fog the cool days ahead of us for the next several days. we will warm up into next week i will have a full forecast coming up stay with us all the top stories are coming up right after the break. >> the san mateo the attorney's office announced that they will not charge deshon marmen he was arrested after an incident on the u.s. airways airplane that stemmed from him wearing sagging pants. it was all captured on you to the. this case is not over yet that is
to show up the former editor of news of the world rebecca brooks agreed to go before the committee next week news corp. is the parent company of fox 5. >>> 7:26 a.m. on this thursday morning debt talks at the white house get heated as the president tells republicans enough is enough. a closer look at the nations debt crisis and incite when fox 5 morning news continues. >>> as we take you to break, a live lookout side we have the latest weather and traffic from tony and julie up next it is 7:26 a.m. right now >>> 7:30 a.m. a guy in austria, a little tough to see keep an eye on the photo he won a legal battle allowing him to wear a pasta strain inner his drivers license photo he claims it is a requirement of his religion he calls pasta feriifism he says he bow longs to the church of the -- belongs to the church of the flying spaghetti monster. >>> like a last fair january. >> but a pasta --s are at -- rastafarian but pasta. >> freedom of religion. >> they were within their rights to say he brought up a secondary issue. let's get a doctors note make sure
news international chief rebecca brooks at a hearing on tuesday. the parliamentary panel is digging into allegations reporters hacked the phones of murder and terror victims. they have already interrogated senior officers, accused of taking money from journalists sniffing for stories. >> reporter: the latest suspect is a former deputy editor for former news of the world. >> reporter: the newscorps scandal is now showing signs of moving to america. several are demanding an investigation into whether newscorps broke a u.s. law, banning bribes to foreign officials. lawmakers also want to know if families of other 9/11 victims and other americans may have had their phones hacked, too. >> three -- there's no reason to believe that given what's going on, that there aren't going to be similar episodes of what's going on here. >> reporter: murdoch is known as the dirty digger in the uk. now, the media billionaire is trying to dig himself out of the scandal that is front-page news. in london, tina kraus, wjz eyewitness news. >> reporter: it is unclear whether rupert murdoch can be forced to
metro stations for the entire weekend for repairs. the twin brook, white flint, grovener medical center. closures will affect every line at various times. metro says it allows them to get work done faster and safe gler metro has made a lot of empty promises. for instance, i work in foggy bottom. they said the escalator would be done may 2011 but the escalator just opened this past monday and we're in july. >> people are going to feel inconvenienced and voice that on the weekends they're inconvened. we know that. >> red line will have five stations closed in late august. we set up a link to the construction project and the scheduled closures on >>> some good news for your bag tax money. it's paying off for some community organizations now as the city has awarded nearly $1 million in grants now to groups that help restore local waterways. another $300,000 going to private firms who do the same type of work. the projects will start at end of the summer. in the meantime city officials say bag usage is down some 80%. >> good news there. >>> an urgent message from moody's to wash
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with court orders. lawmakers will also get to question news international chief rebecca brooks at the hearing on tuesday. the parliamentary panel is digging into allegations, reporters hacked the phones of murder and terror victims. they've already interrogated senior police officers, accused of taking money from journalists, sniffing for stories. >> reporter: british police are still sniffing for arrests in the hacking scandal. the latest arrest is a former deputy from news around the world. >> reporter: the latest scandal is showing signs of spreading to america. several are demanding an investigation into whether newscorps broke a u.s. law, banning bribes to u.s. foreign officials. they also want to know if families of 9/11 and other american victims may have had their phone hacked, too. >> there's no reason to believe, given what is going on in britain, that there aren't going to be similar episodes going on here. >> murdoch is known as the dirty digger in the uk. now, the media billionaire is trying to dig himself out of the scandal that is front page news. in london, tina kraus, wjz eye
the words of david brooks, according to the gal galup organization, only 20% of americans believe the budget deal should insist on spending cuts only. even among republicans, there should be a mixture of tax increases and spending cuts. yet, the gop is now oriented around this 20%. it is willing to alienate 80% of voters and commit political suicide. every day in every way, president obama and senator reid will continue to try to find more ways to invite congressional republicans to commit political suicide, and unless the tea party cool aid affect cools off, republicans will continue to accept those invitations. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ introducing purina one beyond a new food for your cat or dog. i've heard of it, but i haven't seen one up close. what's the word around the sink? that it removes 3 times more soap scum per swipe, and it came from outer space. it is not from outer space! no, man, it's from outer space. they're aliens on an intergalactic cleanliness mission. they're here to clean up the universe. oh, the kitchen scrubbers are aliens, too? yeah, look at that greasy kitchen mess. everybo
this amazing. >> the columnists, the conservative columnist from the new york times brooks made the point that these guys can't take yes for an answer. they've won. they already have obama making far more concessions in my view, than he should have made. but it's still not good enough for them. >> and finally, did the president do the right thing tonight from the reports that you've heard the way he handled that meeting and his stance right now? >> absolutely. i think the american people are catching on that republican on continue answer saying it's their way or the highway is not what american government is supposed to be about. i think the president did do the right thing. >> if the president has the republicans taking this deal, i don't know how he gets re-elected. i don't know how those basers go out there and write the $25 checks. i don't know how they go door to door, keep the confidence. >> i don't think that's the end result going to be. i think you're going to see kind of a stalemate, no significant action on deficit reduction right now, but in fact, no default. probably the best
. rebecca brookes, now chief executive at "news international," agreeing to face the media panel on tuesday. and local government officials calling for anyone involved to face the music. >> the senior executives of an organization, the center of the firestom, are very, very serious allegations and one illegality and a i moral behavior should make themselves available for questioning. >> reporter: reporters at "news of the world" accused of illegally hacking into voice mail and paying off police for information and alleged victims include former prime minister gordon brown and staff members of the royal family. the fbi will investigate whether victims of 9/11 fell prey. >> would be horrifying for the families who have gone through so much and secly, a violation of u.s. law. >> reporter: neal wallace, now the 9th person to be arrested in connection with the phone- hacking story. in london, amy kellogg, fox news. >> news corp is the parent company of fox 5. >>> and a mix of anger and sadness. ind. >> deals with another terror strike on the soil. mourners gathered in. 57 are dead and dozens wou
. twin brook, white brent, groveener and medical center. and that's just the beginning. >> people have to get to places on the weekend so if it's going to shut down this whole line of the red line. >> reporter: sounds like metro's stopping it. >> we really need to bring our metro system up to snuff, and run it in such a way that the passengers are not upset all the time. >> reporter: closures will affect every line at various times. metro says it allows it to get work done faster and safer. >> it's everything from track the stations andteners and platform repairs, lighting, landscaping, signal work, track circuit replacement. >> reporter: unlike with single tracking, which causes delays from one end of the line to the other, only the closed stations will be affected. riders will have the option of taking local bus service, metro bus or free shuttles that will operate between the closed stations. but even on weekends, you'll have to deal with traffic. >> i think with shuttles, they'll just be unreliable and difficult because so many people go from rockville into dc to go out. >> reporte
. and that testimony will take place next week, and rebecca brooks will also testify, and former executive neil wallace became the ninth person arrested in connection with this tabloid scandal. here in the u.s., you may have already heard six senators and a congressman are now calling on the fbi to investigate allegations that "news of the world" reporters tried to hack into the phones of 9/11 victims and their families. "news international" has responded to the reports saying they have seen no evidence that these allegations are true. joining me to talk about it more nationally is syndicated radio host michael smerconish, and originally, we were heard that he would not be available, but now we will hear from rupert murdoch who was criticized by many who say he should have come out and said more sooner. >> what is interesting about this, tamron, you made reference to the concern of some that perhaps 9/11 victims were hacked into. it is not hacking into members of parliament or members of the royal family that really caused this to explode in the uk. it is the case of millie doweler who is a 13-year-old
stations for the entire weekend for repairs. we are talking about these stations. twin brook, white flint, grovner medical center stops. closures will affect every line essentially at various time. metro says it allow it is to get the work done faster and safer. >> it's everything from track work and rail fasteners and cleaning of the stations and platform repairs, lighting, landscaping, signal work, track circuit replacement. >> we really need to bring our metro system up to snuff and run it in such a way that the passengers are not hurt all the time. >> the red line will have five stations closed in late august. we set up a link to the construction project and the scheduled closures on >>> over the past couple of weeks government talks have centered around something called the debt ceiling but what does it all mean and what could it mean for your mortgage or 401(k) or even your social security? we show you what could happen. >> reporter: what would you do if your 401(k) tanked? if the interest rates on your credit cards and mortgages skyrocketed? in the military? what if yo
call them to testify and rupert murdoch said he will go and testify before them. rebekah brooks his executive at news international said she will show up at parliament next tuesday but she added a caveat, said she would not answer any questions that would prejudice the ongoing investigation. you would have to imagine that could be quite a few of those questions because they're going to want to get at this issue as illegally hacking phones. chris? >> let me ask you also about what you know about what's happening here. several lawmakers including new york congressman peter king, who came out calling for an investigation into whether news corp. properties hacked americans. is there any evidence to suggest that might have happened? >> well there are two issues that have prompted lawmakers in the u.s. to call for investigations. one them is that there are allegations that news corp. actually took bribes from police officers or gave bribes to police officers in exchange for information and that would violate u.s. law of the idea of illegally hacking phones in the u.s., there was a report
is that rupert murdoch and his son james along with their european deputy, rebecca brooks, are going to answer questions at this parliamentary select committee hearing next tuesday. now initially when they have been asked to turn up next tuesday, both rupert murdoch and james have said no, they were unable to make it this coming tuesday. that they would cooperate at a later date. brooks agreed initially to go. but then a more official summons was sent to the murdoches. they decided they will in fact cooperate fully, show up at this meeting on tuesday. they're in the process of drafting their replies as we speak. this is a committee brooks did testify before in 2003. obviously that initial investigation wasn't thoroughly done. it's been determined that they will all be answering questions of course regarding phone-hacking and payments to police for information at the "news of the world", the sunday tabloid owned by rupert murdoch and news corporation, its european branch news international, that was shut down last sunday amidst all of this scandal. back to you, jon. jon: amy kellogg live from l
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